sarah schwettmann
I’m Sarah. In my life before MIT I studied Computational and Applied Mathematics and Cognitive Science at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Back then most of my work was in theoretical neuroscience.
Research during that timeEagleman Laboratory for Perception and Action,Shouval Lab for Theoretical Neuroscience. (for details, see “Research”)
Teaching during that timeWomen Leaders in STEM, five semesters of a CAAM 210 lab, and ran the BrainSTEM program.
Before living in Houston I grew up in Perth, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia.
I speak Mandarin and some Spanish.
I spent another past life on a Chinese reality TV show.

one day I wrote this, it’s about me. still true.

Other things I like and do: music (making it: piano, 古箏, 中阮), (dancing to it: electronic, trip hop, DnB, salsa, electro-swing), hiking, backpacking, writing, scuba, scotch, surrealism, hair modeling, cacti&succulents

A note on the website title:  This is a site of confluence, a place where the stems meet the branches. A platform for the intersection of ideas from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with my interests in other areas, and a home for the recognition of their ultimate interconnectedness. The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (天干地支) also provide a Daoist and ancient Chinese system of symbolically reckoning time, based on observations of Jupiter’s orbit. The 12 years of the Jupiter cycle each identify a month of the earth year, and correspond to directions, seasons, and hours. The system is still used today in the traditional calendar, and lies at the intersection of the celestial and terrestrial, human and transcendent.