I taught five semesters of a lab section of CAAM 210, an introductory MATLAB course at Rice. The course aims at MATLAB fluency through immersion, achieved through a series of weekly computational modeling projects completed over the course of the semester. Project topics include chemical kinetics, bioinformatics, mechanics, optimization, and neuroscience.



In Fall 2013, I contributed this chapter on a single-layer perceptron classification project to the course text.





In Spring 2014, I added this chapter on multi-layer perceptron classification with sigmoidal thresholding to the course text.



Below find example video footage of my class from Spring 2014 as recorded for Rice’s online courseware system.



For my class resources pertaining to individual projects, visit the individual semester webpages via links in the menu above.

Student work & cool stuff

Student movie simulating a prisoner’s dilemma created in conjunction with the Evolutionary Game Theory project. Colors track behavior of players. Blue: cooperator remains cooperator,  Red: defector remains defector, Yellow: cooperator becomes defector, Green: defector becomes cooperator.


Student movie of evolving Newton Basins for varying linear and quadratic terms in polynomials



This second movie captures the evolution of Newton Basins when only the linear term varies


CAAM fun, Fall 2014

caam fun

A case study on donuts, Fall 2014