Fall 2014 Lab
Introduction to Engineering Computation (MATLAB)

Here I will provide the powerpoint presentations from our sessions (after week 0 projects), and notes pertaining to each week’s project. I hope you find them useful.

If you have a question about the project or my powerpoints, feel free to email me.


Week 0 projects
example covered in class 1

Project 1: Bisection
Student presentation: Gustavo Chavez
Bisection lecture

Project 2: Newton’s Method
Student presentation: McKenna Mitchell
Newton vs. Bisection Powerpoint  (Fall 2013)

Project 3: Iterative Number Theory
Student presentation: Andrew Gatherer

Project 4: Complex Newton’s Method
Student presentation: Samuel Soyebo
Newton Basins Powerpoint
[Not mentioned in class, do not forget to title your plots with the appropriate polynomials]

Project 5: Introduction to Graph Theory
Student presentation: Michael Gray

Project 6: Social Networks 2.0
Student presentation: Martin Torres
Minimum Dominating Set & Social Networks presentation

Project 7: Gaussian Elimination/PageRank Algorithm
Wednesday class PageRank Presentation
Student presentation: Emma Bose
More Gaussian Elimination notes

Project 8: Bridges I
Student presentation: Scott Stevens
Bridge I presentation

Project 9: Bridges III
Student presentation: Justin Bernard
Improved bridge structure & optimization presentation

Project 10: Wave Propagation 
Student presentation: Michael Bonar
Seismic waves presentation

Project 11: Perceptrons 
Thanksgiving Holiday

Project 12: Evolutionary game theory
Evolutionary Game Theory presentation
Student presentation: Zilu Tang