Spring 2014 Lab
Introduction to Engineering Computation (MATLAB)

Here I will provide the powerpoint presentations from our sessions, and notes pertaining to each week’s project (starting after week 0 projects). I hope you find them useful. 

If you have a question about the project or my powerpoints, feel free to email me.

Lab Syllabus
For the example sweet potato problem we covered in class,
and a guide to commenting your code, see sweetpotatocommenting.

Project 1: Bisection Method
Bisection Powerpoint

Project 2: Newton vs. Bisection (Pledged)
Friday, February 7 Presentation: Zoe Roberts
Newton vs. Bisection Powerpoint
(Fall 2013)

Project 3: Newton Basins
Friday, February 14 Presentation: Emily Ackerman
Newton Basins Powerpoint

Project 4: Perceptron I: Classification (Pledged)
Friday, February 21 Presentation: Brian Brenner
Perceptron Notes
Perceptron powerpoint

Project 5: Social Networks & Graph Theory: Finding the Minimum Dominating Set
Friday, February 28 Presentation: Jennifer Dawkins
Social Networks Powerpoint

Project 6: Cryptography
Friday, March 14 Presentation: John Karisch
Cryptography presentation

Project 7: Fiber Networks 1
Friday, March 21 Presentation: Pinghao Qi
Bridge Deformation Powerpoint

Project 8: Fiber Networks II 
Friday, March 28 Presentation: Kush Agrawal
Bridge II presentation: Gaussian Elimination

Project 9: Fiber Networks III (Pledged)
Friday, April 4 is Midterm Recess
Bridge optimization powerpoint

Project 10: Evolutionary Game Theory
Friday, April 11 Presentation: Rachel Lim

Project 11: Multi-layer Perceptron
Friday, April 18 Presentation: Max Hasbrouck
My Perceptron II notes

*Perceptron project survey — REQUIRED*

Project 12: Punching the Lights out of Terrorists
Friday, April 25 Presentation: Caleb Lu, Hamsini Sriraman