Fall 2013 Lab
Introduction to Engineering Computation (MATLAB)

Here I will provide the powerpoint presentations from our sessions (starting week 2), and notes pertaining to each week’s project. I hope you find them useful.

If you have a question about the project or my powerpoints, feel free to email me.

A note on external resources for help: RLA Rebecca McKinnell holds Office Hours from 4-5 pm on Sundays in McMurtry 114 (on the ground floor of the college), and you are welcome to attend. As a reminder, Postdoc Franklin Kenter holds class-wide help sessions on Monday evenings from 7-9 pm.

Course Notes
This is the course packet for Spring 2013. The general content is the same, but abide by the rubrics and specifics of the notes provided on Owlspace for the Fall flavor of the course. Projects are subject to change.

Project 1: Fern 
For the example sweet potato problem we covered in class,
and a guide to commenting your code, see sweetpotatocommenting.
Here is your presentation order for the semester.
See the syllabus for more information on the short presentations.

Project 2: Bisection
Here is Sean’s outline.
Bisection lab powerpoint

Project 3: Newton’s Method vs. Bisection (pledged)
Here is Jonathon’s outline
Newton vs. Bisection lab powerpoint 

Project 4: Newton Basins
No student presentation this week.
Newton Basins lab powerpoint

Project 5: Stochastic Simulation of Reaction Networks (Gillespie)
Here is Shelby’s outline
Gillespie lab powerpoint
lotkaedit.m code distributed by email

Project 6: Deterministic Chemical Kinetics
Here are my re-written notes for this project.
Page 1Page 2Page 3 Page 4Page 5
Deterministic Genes Powerpoint

Project 7: Social Networks and Binary Integer Programming
We will not be meeting on Thursday, October 10.
Thursday, October 17 presentation: Olivia
Social Networks Powerpoint

Project 8: Boolean Gene Networks
Thursday, October 24 presentation: Sarah H.
Boolean gene nets powerpoint

Project 9: Probabilistic Boolean Gene Networks
No student presentation this week
Probabilistic Boolean Genes powerpoint

Project 10: Fiber Networks I: Deformation of a Bridge
Thursday, November 7 presentation: David
Bridge Deformation Powerpoint

Project 11: Fiber Networks II: Gaussian Elimination replaces MATLAB’s backsolve on a bridge
Thursday, November 14 presentation: Tommy
Bridge II presentation

Project 12
Thursday, November 21 presentation: Allen
Bridge optimization powerpoint

Project 13
Thursday, December 5 presentation: Amber
Perceptron Notes