for the eyes

for the ears

Made some spontaneous vocal harmonies with friends in a squash court in West Newton, MA.
As an experiment, recorded them and cut into tracks. Interesting result of our first little ‘court session’:

Recorded the audio from Demis Hassabis addressing MIT @ CBMM 2016 retreat for a friend. Have a listen if you like. Making no promises on quality.

sounds I like

for the hands

While in Pennsylvania, I spent some time on the farm of a wonderful woman I met at the Phipps Farmer’s Market. I worked for payment in yarn from angora rabbits, which I knit into a shawl. I also learned how to kill, skin, and cook a rabbit (not required for the wool-making process). I kept the hide, learned from the farmer how to tan it, and did so in my dormitory using the supplies I had available. I documented the process in a short film –
No Sunscreen Required: A Short How-to Documentary on Tanning a Rabbit Hide in a Dorm Room.

spare moments & sanctuaries

Houston International Folk Dancers 

Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism

MCM: The Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Jung Center Houston

Krav Maga Houston

Houston Cactus and Succulent Society

other affiliation

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)

VSS (Vision Sciences Society)

Texas Parks & Wildlife

OCNS (Organization for Computational Neurosciences)

Society for Neuroscience

汉办 Chinese Bridge International Language Competition