I developed a course on vision in art and neuroscience that I am teaching at MIT in Fall 2017 with Seth Riskin and Pawan Sinha.

We will treat perception as an act of creation, the creation of an individual’s world of experience. From limited and noisy data through the senses, our brains construct the rich world we perceive. Creating visual art throws that world of experience back to the outside, and in it we find reflected some mechanisms of the constructive process of vision. As such, we can find examples in art which allow us to “perceive perception.” We will learn to use and develop new tools in the arts (working mostly with light) and neurosciences (of vision and computation) to build art installations which allow us to physically experience different levels of the hierarchy of visual processing. We will treat the experiences observers have when interacting with these contexts as the subject of scientific inquiry, and there will be a seminar with readings in the arts and teachings in vision neuroscience as well.

More info coming soon.