Spring 2015 Lab
Introduction to Engineering Computation (MATLAB)

Here I will provide the powerpoint presentations from our sessions (starting week 3), and notes pertaining to each week’s project. I hope you find them useful.

If you have a question about the project or my powerpoints, feel free to email me.

Lab Syllabus

Project 1: Fern (Loops, Matrices, and Fractals)
For the example sweet potato problem we covered in class,
and a guide to commenting your code, see sweetpotatocommenting.
Don’t forget about your short presentations – see the syllabus for more information!

Project 2: Bisection Method
Due: Jan 26
Student presentation: Eric Pan (Dr. Cox covered Friday, Jan 23rd, no powerpoint)

Project 3: Newton’s Method vs. Bisection
Due: Feb 2
Student presentation: Matthew Pyon
Newton’s method Presentation (Fall 13)

Project 4: Newton Basins (finding complex roots by Newton’s method)
Due: Feb 9
Student presentation: Laura Matthews
Monday, Feb 2 Presentation 
I will be absent Friday, Feb 6 but here is a set of project notes

Project 5: Boolean Gene Networks
Gene nets Presentation
Due: Feb 16
Student presentation: Paul Wu

Project 6: Probabilistic Boolean Gene Networks
Due: Feb 23
Gene Nets II Presentation
Student presentation: Emily Lisa

Project 7: Stochastic Simulation of Reaction Networks
Due: Mar 9
I will be absent on Friday Feb. 27, and Dr. Cox will fill in for me, but here are my Gillespie notes for this project.
Student presentation: Kyle Hiller

Project 8: Deterministic Simulation of Reaction Networks
Due: Mar 16 *PLEDGED*
Student presentation: Jarvis Miller

Project 9: Bridge I: Deformation
Due: Mar 23
Bridge I Notes

Project 10: Bridge II: Gaussian Elimination
Due: Mar 30
Wednesday presentation
Student presentation: Mitchell Baker

Project 11: Bridge III: Optimization
Due: Apr 6 *PLEDGED* (no Friday session)

Project 12: Multilayer Perceptrons
Due: Apr 13. Commented demo code from class:
commented demo code









Project 13: Hopfield Networks
Hopfield presentation
Due: Apr 20
Student presentation: Mary Bao

Project 14: Evolutionary Game Theory
Game Theory Presentation
Due: Apr 30