sarah schwettmann
I’m Sarah. In my life before MIT I studied Computational and Applied Mathematics and Cognitive Science at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Back then most of my work was in theoretical neuroscience.
Research during that timeEagleman Laboratory for Perception and Action,Shouval Lab for Theoretical Neuroscience. (for details, see “Research”)
Teaching during that timeWomen Leaders in STEM, five semesters of a CAAM 210 lab, and ran the BrainSTEM program.
Before living in Houston I grew up in Perth, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia.
I speak Mandarin and some Spanish.
I spent another past life on a Chinese reality TV show.

one day I wrote this, it’s about me. still true.

recent projects 

Mind the Machine show at OPEN Gallery
Vision in Art and Neuroscience

recent papers

Huertas MA, Schwettmann SE, Shouval HZ. The Role of Multiple Neuromodulators in Reinforcement Learning That Is Based on Competition between Eligibility Traces. Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience. 2016.  PDF